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Elbow Bumps at Work? What’s Next?

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What Does Your Workplace Look Like in a Coronavirus Epidemic?


The Coronavirus is changing workplaces rapidly.  Businesses around the globe are bracing for the impact to their workplaces.  While humanity has been struck by epidemics before and the flu claims more lives, and other virus are more contagious than Coronavirus, the swiftly increasing interconnectedness of our world makes each new epidemic even more lethal to our way of life.

And our way of life has much to do with the kind of work we undertake, and the way we undertake it (eg offices).  So, what happens to our workplaces if we can’t shake hands, share computers, touch door handles, press elevator buttons, sit in the communal kitchen having lunch with colleagues, without the fear of contracting a disease.

Offices around the world are now grappling with this very question.  And the simple answer in many instances is to just send people home.  And in our virtual world that’s a pretty convenient answer.  But the problem here is creating a safe and secure working environment, that’s not a burden on employees and keeps corporate data off personal devices.  For most companies that only leaves two options:


  1. Buy secure laptops for each employee to be able to work from home. This is a great option for businesses with enormous budgets. But in the current Australian economic climate that’s not an option for most.
  2. Or you can set up Virtual Desktop Instances (VDIs). VDIs allows employees to work from home from their own device securely and without storing corporate data.  This is the cheapest and fastest approach and makes the most sense for most organisations in Australia.


Using our own private cloud infrastructure, we’re able to supply VDIs (up to 500 within 24hrs) and we thought we’d run through some other benefits to VDIs for most small to medium enterprises:

  • A completely secure self-contained private cloud.
  • Control over data and devices controlled by the company
  • Flexible solutions able to add or subtract VDIs as is necessary.
  • Data centres in Melbourne, Sydney and Auckland.
  • And did we say affordable?
  • There are some optional extras such as day backups for mission critical desktops and servers.

We can also build and deploy virtual servers on request such as Windows Server and Redhat Linux among many others.  Private clouds are protected via optional managed firewall instances using Palo Alto next generation firewall appliances.


Apart from telling businesses about the great options we can provide the virtual workplace, we’re hoping to shed some light on options to maintain work through a potential crisis like Coronavirus.  Fear, quarantines and geography shouldn’t be a barrier to continuing to work for businesses in the 21st Century.  If you’re interested in knowing more please contact us here at Binary Security on 1300 664 225 or email

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