Policy Management

Information security policies are the building blocks for a sound information security program. But, developing a robust set of written policies can be difficult and time consuming. Now, you can leverage our comprehensive library of information security and data privacy policy templates that are part of our Risk Management Methodology.

Holistic Security/Compliance Assessments

We provide a thorough evaluation of your networks and IT infrastructure to identify gaps and vulnerabilities and determine the adequacy of existing security controls. The evaluation includes manual control reviews, vulnerability analysis, and best-practice review against company policies and industry standards, such as NIST, ISO27001, and CoBIT.

Information Assurance Verification & Validation

After your internal self-assessment, we come in and ensure your risk mitigation and control implementation efforts are effective. We offer independent information assurance verification and validation services that allow you to obtain this crucial information in an environment free from the influence, guidance and control of the development effort and system ownership.

Business Continuity & Continuity of Operations Planning (BCP/COOP)

BCP and COOP are fundamental elements of sound operational resilience. Our team of professionals provide best-in-class business continuity planning (BCP) solutions to private sector clients and COOP solutions to public sector clients helping them meet directives and mandates for operational recovery.

IT Security Audits

Our experts thoroughly audit your controls to determine whether they adhere to your risk tolerance, regulations and best practices. We identify critical deficiencies and control weaknesses, verify the controls meet the appropriate standards, and document each step of the process to provide a clear audit trail.

Vulnerability Management & Penetration Testing

Vulnerability management plays a critical role in reducing your threat exposure. Our approach allows you to scan critical assets, deploy and centrally manage security patches. Internal and external penetration testing services are conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of existing security measures. Our analysts probe the network perimeter to identify vulnerabilities and then mimic the actions of actual attackers. Through a multi-level process, we examine and evaluate your organisation’s security posture and provide solutions to address deficiencies.

Project & Program Management

Our program and project management services include the ability to manage programs, projects and tasks efficiently. We develop and implement processes for managing projects using best practices, while blending these with your organisation’s unique objectives.