Are your employees the biggest threat to your business?

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  • Are your employees the biggest threat to your business?
Are your employees the biggest threat to your business?

Are your employees the biggest threat to your business?

Find out how to protect your organisation from ransomware attacks that could cost it millions of dollars.

Did you know that when it comes to security, your staff poses one of the biggest risks to your business?

It’s not that they are deliberately out to get you! The problem is that they may inadvertently click on a link which results in a data loss disaster.

Kaspersky Labs recently reported that 90% of all corporate data breaches in the cloud were a result of human error and the cost of a data breach to an organisation averaged a staggering USD $3.86 million.

What’s the risk?

According to the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC), on average there are 164 cyber incidents reported in Australia every day. The most common are malicious emails and the second, a compromised system.

Just as with their personal email, the likelihood of your staff encountering a fake email with malicious intent through their work address is high. All it takes is one absent-minded click and your organisation could find itself with a major security issue.

The most dangerous form of cyber-attack is known as ransomware. Take a look at the infographic below to learn more about how this affects your business.

As you can see from the ACSC figures, the odds of a ransomware email making its way to one or more of your employees are high. With that in mind, it’s not a matter of if it will happen but when.

Who is accountable?

To minimise the risk of a data breach caused by a team member mistakenly clicking on a ransomware email, guidance needs to come from the top down.

While you will work with your IT or cybersecurity team to implement the right protection against malicious emails, it’s your responsibility as a senior manager or HR leader to ensure a strategy is created and carried out.

Employees can be taught how to detect and avoid opening an email containing ransomware by undergoing formal security awareness training.

Furthermore, you should discuss with your IT or security provider about establishing protective measures for your business and creating a cyber-safe training program for your employees.

How to protect your organisation from cyber attacks

Data security breaches and ransomware attacks occur when management is not fully aware of the risks and they hadn’t taken steps to protect the business.

To ensure your organisation doesn’t end up as a cyber-crime statistic, the most cost-effective solution starts with forming a baseline and implementing a security awareness training program. Once your existing staff are fully trained, conduct tests at monthly intervals to measure the success of the program.

If you’re in HR or you are a leader who directs the onboarding process, ensure each incoming staff member receives data security training. Work it into your processes so they are clear on what to look out for and the steps to take if they suspect an email is malicious.

Cyber attacks can lead to the unauthorised distribution of employee, client or corporate information. It can also force a halt in operations while your entire organisation is locked out of its online systems.

The result of these attacks is twofold, causing financial loss and damage to your brand’s reputation.

Security training should be part of your organisation’s onboarding process from the day a new employee arrives. Being proactive helps defend your organisation from cyber threats.

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Samuel Romanov is General Manager of Binary Security in QLD. For more information about implementing a cyber-safe policy for your staff contact him via sales@binarysecurity.com.au

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