Are you keeping clean with cyber hygiene?

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Are you keeping clean with cyber hygiene?

Are you keeping clean with cyber hygiene?

Remember as a child when our parents always told us to wash our hands, look both ways when crossing the road and numerous other rules? At the time I am sure some of us were annoyed we had to change our behaviour but over time, we realised that we do these things to protect ourselves from dangers, or at least reduce the risk of them occurring. We should apply the same behaviour to our electronic devices with cyber hygiene. The phrase “cyber hygiene” sounds like you’re washing your devices but cyber hygiene isn’t to keep your devices dirt-free. It is to reduce the chance of malware and hackers from compromising our devices and therefore, our lives. With our lives almost entirely digital, the damage of someone compromising our online accounts or devices can be devastating. Just imagine if someone with malicious intent had access to your contacts, social accounts, private data, and financial information. Being more connected digitally means the impact of someone controlling our lives can spread to our family, friends, and even our workplace.

Here are a few stories of people who have been hacked:  

It sounds scary but you can do something to prevent it from happening to you too. Follow the steps below to rapidly reduce your risk of becoming another cyber victim. 

In summary, the adoption of technology to improve our lives will present new problems unless we have awareness of the risks that come with it and learn how to deal with them. It doesn’t require any drastic change in our lifestyle, but rather greater understanding of how we treat our devices and accounts that contain our personal information. 

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